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Miss Francia´s Home... a serene paradise filled with magic and tranquility in the midst of a Caribbean dream.
Find out about varied plans and activities to engage in with your family throughout your stay.

Scuba Diving
Diving shops and courses:​

Explore the depths of the Sea of Seven Colors, cataloged as part of the Seaflower Natural Reserve and Biosphere, which houses the third largest coral reef barrier in the world. Develop the healthiest addiction: losing yourself in one of the most enticing and beautiful submarine ecosystems in the world. Find yourself
immersed in its immense coral jungles, and mysterious underwater caves, all while dancing with the unknown, dazzling, and colorful fauna.

In Providence, there are numerous Scuba Diving academies with PADI-certified instructors. Feel free to reach out to staff for a list of our recommended establishments, either via the Live Chat Window or directly on location once your vacation dream has begun.

Eco-Tourism : 


  • Hiking the path to Captain Morgan’s head.

  •  Hiking along Salt Creek Trail.

  • Hiking all the way to the top of The Peak Natural Reserve, the highest point of
    the Island.

  • Mcbean Lagoon National Park.

  • Snorkeling.

  • Experiencing the sunsets of SouthWest beach.

  • Boat tour to Crab Key, and snorkeling with sea turtles.



For those interested in kayaking and snorkeling, be it beginners or pros, we recommend various sites and plans for starters, such as:

  • Exploring the crystal clear waters of the Mcbean Lagoon National Natural reserve,

  • Excursions to the Santa Isabel Harbor,

  • Morgan's heads mysterious caves and surrounding waters,

  • In and around Crab Key,

  • And many more different locations, for those of varying degrees of expertise.

Other Activities

Nature walks through the jungle, bird watching, golf car rentals, and artisanal fishing can be set up for our clients on request.


Dive shops, Kayak rentals, Sportfishing, and Tours around the entire island.

People and Culture

The island’s rich and complex culture reflects its ethnic diversity and its agitated history. The native population, recognized as  ¨Raizal¨; is mixed, ¨Mestizo¨, and predominantly black. The Island houses around 5.000 inhabitants, most local, but a small portion is comprised of Immigrating Continentals. Influence from the
Puritanical, Anglophone Caribbean, and mainland Colombian customs are still strong.

In Providence, there is freedom of religion, but the predominant beliefs are those of Catholics, Baptists, and Adventists.


Traditional music and dance are made up of a base of our European ascendence with Afro-Caribbean roots, now mixed Reggae, Reggaeton, Socca, Champeta, and Vallenato. Gastronomy is just as diverse as our culture, however, Sea produce is the common denominator in most cases, greatly represented by dishes such as
Rondón, minced fish, fish balls, crab soup, and fish stew.

In Providence Island, people speak both English and Spanish, but the main language spoken is the native Creole, of Anglo roots.


Examples of traditional activities and hobbies locals engage in is horse racing on the beach, tómbolas (raffles), community work, carnivals, and cultural festivals commemorating national and religious holidays. Islanders make great friends: joyful, puritanical, kind, caring, and giving. We know how to turn out the best

Fishing is the main traditional activity. The islander knows it to a T and utilizes extraction techniques both adequate and friendly to the delicate local environment, adapted to protect the fragile Reef Barrier, which in turn protects our people.


Specifically, these artisanal approaches are fish pot, fish hook, and free diving. the main types of fish caught are Lobster, King Conk, Snapper (pargos), Rock Fish (mero), and many more.

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